Setting the Bar High


Setting the bar high at the start of the school year is such a no brainer and yet a formidable challenge. Take Leadership’s Spirit Committee for example. In setting goals for the year, the commissioner made the observation that she’d like to see more days where everyone just wore their school shirts. Way back about 6 or 7 years ago, we always wore school shirts on Fridays. I don’t remember it being advertised, it was just a thing. In these students’ lives, 6 years ago was all about the excitement of Frog and Toad.


So, they are starting it up again. Spirit committee members took home copied fliers and decorated them to hang up at school. The thing that popped out to me is that they clearly care. Look closely at the sign in the right, she added gold cirly cues to brighten up the sign! Now let’s keep working so the students can revive the school shirt on Friday’s tradition.


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Middle School teacher. Technology. Student Leadership. CUE. Lifelong California girl. Go falcons! @louise_colbert

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