10 Things You May Miss in this Photo


What I see in this picture:

  • TEAM class students, the one class with a three year academic and emotional bond.
  • Last year’s yearbook editor who had a vision for including some type of group photos that combined an academic and emotional focus.
  • The year’s yearbook staff who decided not to do TEAM pictures, saw a need for group pictures, then came to the idea of continuing with those group photos but to provide more structure to the arrangement of students.
  • Yearbook and leadership students using the guess and check method to figure out an optimal arrangement that would work for every TEAM class and marked it with blue tape on the amphitheater steps.
  • The ASB Spirit Commissioner who thought she had mastered the art of looking away to avoid being called on and included in class discussions. That changed when she joined our class.
  • The student who makes thoughtful cards for classmates to brighten up bad days.
  • A game these students created to make weekly progress reports fun.
  • Heartache, celebrations, frustration, unleashed potential.
  • The lesson taught by students resulting in the poster they are holding.
  • How much we’ll miss each other when the 8th graders move on to high school.

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Middle School teacher. Technology. Student Leadership. CUE. Lifelong California girl. Go falcons! @louise_colbert

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