Does Your Class Kahoot?

cody kahoot

Do you Kahoot? Review has never been so fun as an envigorating round of Kahoot, an interactive quiz game. This proud student in the photo here just won a game where we reviewed Google icons. Want to see students fully engaged and on the edge of their seats over icons? This is your game. Reasons I highly recommend Kahoot!:

  • Kahoot! is highly engaging
  • Free
  • No ads
  • Create your own Kahoot! games
  • Students can create their own games (and they do, because its just that easy to learn and fun to play)
  • The Kahoot! team, based in England, are just the nicest crew

Getting started with  Kahoot! is as easy as a few clicks. Visual learners, this video will walk you through the sign in and quiz creation process. To try my Google Apps icons game, click here.

Three tips to help you get started, based on my experience:

  1. Let the students figure out how to play on their own. Figuring it out is a quick lesson in learning.
  2. Establish guidelines for students to use when entering their nicknames that will appear on screen. In my class, students must use their first name and any symbol or emoji they choose, but cannot add any other words. This allows for creativity and keeps down the smack talk.
  3. Celebrate the wins!

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